Namaste! Welcome to Annapurna Holiday Planner Pvt. Ltd.


Annapurna Holiday Planner is more than a company selling tourists with trekking and tour packages! It is an outcome of a few people’s vision on how the natural, cultural and religious prosperity of this piece of heaven on earth, Nepal, can make difference in the lives of travelers, trekkers, expedition and adventure seekers. We believe that trekking in the lap of some highest peaks of the world, visiting the most beautiful places on earth, meeting the people at the highest settlements, exchange of culture and witnessing the spiritual bliss one experiences in Nepal can take you to a deeper level of understanding.
AHP will be your partner facilitating the best days of your lives here in Nepal. We differentiate ourselves in the business because apart from all the experience, manpower, resources and legal grounds we stand upon, the soul of the company is the vision to lead humans to the distant lands of beauty and peace from where one returns back safe and sound with a smile of satisfaction on his face and a better understanding of life. If you think you’re travelling for more than being to places, join us in any of our packages!




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