Lower Dolpo & Lake Phokshumdo trek

Annapurna Holiday Planner offers a classic trekking in the Far North West of Nepal Himalaya on the old caravan route to Tibet, Journey to Lower Dolpo & Lake Phokshumdo around high valleys of Dolpo an extension of Tibetan plateau and landscapes, starting this fabulous trip with a scenic flight to the low area of southwest Nepal Terai at Nepalgunj city and with another short flight to Jhupal at Dolpo.

Lower Dolpo & Lake Phokshumdo trek leads through traditional villages of highlanders of Dolpo, where the culture, traditions and religion as it was for centuries a complete similarities to South West Tibetan and way of life practicing Bon a pre-Buddhism an ancient religion before present Buddhism influenced the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet Himalayan people.

After a wonderful time in Lake Phokshumdo and Ringmo village, trekking through enchanting woodlands of beautiful rhododendron and tall pines and fir tree lines and heading further west direction around isolated and remote scenic area reaching much altitude gain to the highest point of this marvelous journey at 5,190 meters on Numa-la ridge top pass, with rest day for proper acclimatization before heading higher areas and visiting impressive and interesting villages of the Dolpo highlanders in Tokugaon and Tarakot and then concluding this overwhelming trip with a flight back from Jhupal back to Kathmandu with great service of Annapurna Holiday Planner.


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